My Must Haves 


Happy Sunday! I hope you all have enjoyed the weekend! I’ve been getting so many questions about some of the things we traveled with when we went to Europe and how I packed. I thought I would share some of my must have items when traveling that helped me stay organized and helped me look put together, even when I was feeling anything but.

#1 on my list is having the right luggage. I love a good matching luggage set and I try to match everyone and coordinate as best as we can. I will now only travel with a hard side spinner suit case because of the ease of pushing it and it holds up so much better. And I know everything inside is protected. There is nothing worse than getting your luggage and opening it up to a smooshed toiletry bag and spilled products everywhere. So this goes for checked luggage and carry-ons.

Packing cubes are a must as well. They kept everything organized in everyone's bag and made it so much easier to swap some weight from one bag to another (my bags have a tendency to be overweight EVERY.SINGLE.TIME). I packed Vera and George in one suitcase, so these packing cubes were great for separating his and her clothing and shoes. I love a hanging toiletry bag so that when I get to where I am going, I can hang it on a hook and the bag doesn't become more clutter on top of the bathroom counter. Not pictured that I loved having on this last trip was a jewelry organizer. I loved this one because I felt it kept everything secure and in place and the most important protected from getting damaged. 

If you have little ones, the best thing I did was let them carry their own backpacks. I got these cute animal ones on amazon for $18. They were just the right size for them to carry and carried more that I thought they were going to. They also have a cupholder in the side of the bag that held their camelbak sip cups in. They slid easily under the seat and kept their stuff organized so I knew which bag to go to for what I was looking for. I packed them both color wonder travel marker coloring sets, a few toys for Vera in hers, a mini iPad and case, each had their blanket and a change of clothes, and George's Thomas and Friends Trains that he can't be without and a few diapers and some Johnson's wipes.  

I always take a big tote bag with me as my "purse". I organize all of the small items in the tote bag in rezip plastic bags. I love them because they're reusable. I feel like Mary Poppins when I travel because I have a little bit of everything in my tote bag (just in case). I bought protective cases for the iPads before we left to save them from destruction and I really love them (thanks Laine). If you have little ones using an iPad on a trip....These are a must.  

The real MVP's of the trip were in my tote bag, which I listed most of them in the picture! If there was a wipe for something, it was in my bag! The Pacifica Beauty Deodorant Wipes never come out of my bag even when I'm not traveling. I use them on the daily, because (don't judge me) I don't wear deodorant unless I absolutely have to. I know, I know. It sounds like I smell terrible, but (at least I don't think (and I usually ask anyone I'm around at least once) I don't thanks to the Pacifica Deodorant Wipes. There is just something that freaks me out about deodorant and the chemicals in them and it being so close to the breast and (I know this is going a little overboard) breast cancer. Thats me and my thoughts on the matter. I just don't want regular deoderant on my skin next to lymph nodes and my breasts on the daily. The other all natural deodorants I have tried, don't work. These wipes are the only thing that I have found that I absolutely love. Also in my bag always, are big sunglasses. I have them ready to grab at all times. 

Some things I forgot to list in the picture were my every day makeup items. My go to powder that I've used for forever now is bare minerals. I use both original and the matte (bc I tend to get oily and shiny after a while). I use the regular all over and the matte in spots that I tend to get oily like chin, forehead and inner cheeks. Also, my bronzer is by Charlotte Tilbury and I'm obsessed! I also listed the concealer in the picture and it is the best concealer I have tried for touch ups. Its smooth, not cakey and still gives you that dewy look and blends in effortlessly. Also, the Evian water spray made me feel less disgusting during the flight! And the Beauty Counter Rose Water Spray really wakes my skin up in the mornings. 

I hope you find these items as useful as I did on my recent trip!

OH....I almost forgot!!!! Another thing that I did right before I left was get eyelash extensions. I have never had these done before, but after constant encouragement (more like horrific shock that I had never tried them) from friends, I decided to give it a go! Let me tell you, it was wonderful! I didn't have to worry about mascara (which we all know on a long flight, I would have landed looking more like death than I felt). They lasted my entire 2 week trip and I will go tomorrow to get them refilled (so really like almost 3 weeks). If you haven't tried them......just do it, you'll thank me later. Oh....another tip that I tried that I loved with the eyelash extensions....I got the girl that did mine to alternate between long and short so that they looked more natural and not so moulin rouge fan like.

My Travel Style post will be coming soon, so stay tuned. I'll go over what I like to wear and why. 

 I would love to hear in the comments what some of your must haves are when you travel!