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My husband got a “wild hair” and decided he’d like for us to take a last minute spontaneous trip to Chicago. After much arguing about how we didn’t need to go anywhere and that we just got back from Europe, I eventually said ok, why not. So we hopped on a plane and headed to the Windy City. I am so the over-analyzer when it comes to trips to the point where they’re not even fun anymore. I am so glad David took over the planning for this one (with a few suggestions thrown in there by me). So far, it’s been so nice. The weather has been great and we have walked and eaten our way through….

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Skirts are making up about 90% of what I wear these days! ince I live in Coastal Alabama where it can be 105 degree heat index, they’re keeping me on the cool side while still letting me look and dress Fallish!  This year especially has felt abnormally hot. I don’t know about you guys but there are days where I have felt Like this is not normal and that I would legit just start seeing things outside go up in flames. SO SO HOT…….

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