I'm so glad you're here and my hope is that you leave this blog a little better than you came. Whether that be from the loads of style inspiration, a feel-good message from the random, deep-thought, "imma keep it real"  moments, or a good laugh from one of the many crazy life instances that happen on the reg!

VPofStyle combines  the best of all things of style significance, and balancing Family, Fashion, Business, Travel, and WTF to wear for it all and own it like a VP in your own style! Follow along on instagram - @VPofSTLE for a daily dose of Fashion, must haves, daily deals, current obsessions, and everything in between. 


Long before discovering my intellectual eye for fashion, I embraced my inner tomboy. In my formative years you could most definitely "Catch me outside"[how bout dat], barefoot climbing trees. In the Summers we were always on the water, boating, fishing, or chasing my surfer Father along the Gulf Coast Beaches.



My love for Fashion came around age 10 when the Limited Too was where it was at!! (Holla if ya hear me!!) But, I didn't officially begin a career in Fashion until I was 19 where I went on to land a job as a Women's Designer Fashion Buyer. I traveled to Fashion showrooms and markets in NYC, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas to acquire the latest collections from designers for the upcoming Fashion Seasons.

Motherhood (I have 4, so be prepared to see and hear a lot about them) called me to make a change to a much more balanced career in which I immediately gravitated to Real Estate. The art of preparing a property to make a lasting impression on a homebuyer was very much like putting together the perfect designer outfit. 

You'll rarely see me without my kids, my husband, sunglasses, a La Croix water in hand, and my BFF Laine, who is the behind the scenes of this blog. I love all things of style significance from clothing to personalized stationery and am looking forward to curating a hand picked selection of my favorite things for you all to enjoy!